1967 Volkswagen Sunroof Beetle

This car was brought to us a couple of years ago needing some heavy mechanical work. The front end was rebuilt with new suspension, ball joints, a heavy-duty sway bar, and disc brakes. The rear end got new bushings, shocks, brakes and brake lines.

After a while the customer decided she wanted it to look “brand new.” We stripped the interior and exterior of the car and its currently in the body work and paint process. The customer decided on painting it the original 1967 VW Blue. We will install an all-new interior; color will be Platinum.

We will have new photos posted a soon as the paint is done!

Paint Work Progress

Here is the 1967 Sunroof Beetle paint work in progress. The body work has been completed and has been primed. The fenders, hood and truck have been painted the original color of 1967 Volkswagen Blue.

1967 Sunroof Beetle

Paint is complete! The fenders, hood, and trunk lid have all been reattached, and it is now being wet-sanded and polished. This process can take as long as two weeks. We wet sand it three times, with each pass getting a finer sanding. We then polish it with a four- to five-step process to remove any imperfections and bring the paint to a mirror-like shine. When the body is complete we will install the new interior, new rubber, powder-coated wheels, trim, emblems, windows, dash and other details.

1967 Sunroof beetle, Restoration Complete! This car is back together and ready for the customer to take home. We did paint and body work, installed new interior, repaired the sunroof so it works again, new trim, powder coated the wheels, new tires, new main wiring harness from fuse panel to engine only, new H4 headlights and new lights all the way around, and new rubber. We reused as many original parts as possible to complete a lower-cost build that the customer requested. Another happy ERKOM customer.