1974 Super Beetle Convertible

This car was brought to us as an unfinished project in boxes. We started by removing the body from the chassis so the rusted floor pans could be replaced. This is a tedious process as every spot weld needed to be removed so that the new floor pans would fit in well.  We also had the car sandblasted and primer applied. It’s now in the body work and paint process. Stay tuned for more!

1974 Super Beetle Convertible in body work phase. The body had three coats of paint, and most of the car was taken all the way down to metal. The doors were in great shape, but the hood and trunk needed a lot of attention. The car will be painted Porsche Lava Orange, and undercoated with Wurth SKS Stoneguard undercoating.

1974 super beetle convertible now painted in Lava Orange. We Also undercoated everything that was not painted orange, including the inside to help protect it from rusting and to give it a clean durable surface. We reattached the full redone floor pan and started assembling the front and rear end. The brakes are being upgraded to disc brakes instead of the stock drum brakes.